4 VMAXTANKS AGM SOLAR BATTERIES SLR100 DRY CELL DEEP CYCLE MAINTENANCE FREE BATTERY EXCELLENT UPGRADE FOR ANY SAME SIZE BATTERY ENJOY THE PERFORMANCE $$AVINGS & CONVENIENCE WITH THIS: HIGH POWER , AGM 12V SOLAR BATTERY AMAZING PERFORMANCE AND GREAT RELIABILITY CHARGE WITH SOLAR, WIND OR AC CHARGERS AND USE WHEN POWER IS LOST TO POWER YOUR HOME CAN SUPPORT A 5AMP,120VAC LOAD FOR 3-5 HOURS, A 10AMP LOAD FOR 1.5-2.5 HOURS (RATED AT 120VDC, WITH 50%-75% DEPTH OF DISCHARGE AND 20% ALLOWANCE FOR INVERTER IN-EFFICIENCY) “The center of the VMAX is the original physical and chemical structure of its plates. The special remedy and manufacturing process they undergo gains them unique reliability, strength and high performance a ways exceeding the ones of other Pb-Ca plates utilized in identical having a look products.” MODEL VOLTS AH WT EA LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT SLR100 12 100 68LB 12″ 6.7″ 8.2″ AGM Electrolyte Suspension System Custom Built Military Grade Alloys Maintenance free Operation Fast Charge Delivery Capabilities Extremely Low Self Discharge Rate Extreme Vibrations, Heat and Weather resistant Sealed Non-Spillable Non Hazardous Construction Maximum Power Density and Deep Cycle Capabilities NO DANGEROUS FUMES AND GASES Don’t settle for an ordinary Lead Acid Battery, Select a VMAX CHARGE TANK


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